Company Profile

Established with the objective to serve humanity by providing affordable high quality healthcare products worldwide. We at TOUCH ONE®, are committed to improve our existing know how through Research and Development.

The product line we offer is highly appreciated in the medical sector, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our range of surgical disposables like Sterile Hypodermic Syringes and Needle, Sterile I V Cannula with Teflon FEP Catheter, Sterile I.V. Infusion Sets with Air Vent and Non Vent.

We have a well state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which is operated by engineers who work in tandem with experienced technocrats to produce a range that is deemed one of the best in the world by industry experts. The authorities at several medical institutions, and hospitals agree with the experts and have complete faith in the quality of our products. The range we offer is well accepted in Indian Subcontinent, East Asia, Middle East and South East Asia, due to its durability, reliability, hygiene, strength and absence of any toxic elements.

Why Touch One

How many times do you think of surgical disposable products when you are using them in critical procedures? We understand that ‘rarely’ would be your answer. At TOUCH ONE®, that is the biggest reason why we go to great lengths to ensure that our surgical products are 100% dependable, time after time, without fail. Small wonder then that more than our state-of-the-art technology, we are proud of the trust that we offer along with our products.


To develop, create and manufacture the highest quality of dependable surgical disposable products that are class leading and adhere to the highest quality benchmarks. Employ a dynamic approach to continuously introduce new products in tune with the latest technology and developments and create a strong ecosystem characterized by the finest industry professionals, rich knowledge pool, customer focus and technological leadership.


To instill unwavering confidence amongst doctors, surgeons, technicians and other medical professionals that with our products by their side, they can deliver their very best and never go wrong. In the process, become an active enabler in bringing happiness and health into the lives of people.